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Over 500 seats sold in the 24 hours, so don’t wait! FOR TICKETS CALL 1-855-599-9090 or BUY ONLINE HERE

We are thrilled to announce the remount of our sold-out show of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale along with a new gender-twist production of Measure for Measure.

Both shows will be presented at the historic Winter Garden Theatre from January 17-February 19, 2017.

The detailed performance schedule can be found on the ticketing site HERE

Audiences for both shows will experience Shakespeare like never before with seating on the beautiful and historic Winter Garden stage, with the theatre house serving as the backdrop.

True to the company’s name, a limited amount of Groundling seats are available for patrons who wish to watch Shakespeare in its most natural form

About the plays

Written near the end of his career, and considered to be one of Shakespeare’s greatest masterpieces, The Winter’s Tale chronicles the descent of Leontes, King of Sicilia (Tom McCamus) into a world of jealousy, murder and conspiracy when he falsely accuses his queen Hermione (Michelle Giroux) of an infidelity with his oldest friend Polixenes (Patrick Galligan). Upon receiving news that his wife and young son have died under the strain of public humiliation, and believing his newborn daughter to be not his own, the vengeful King orders the child to be abandoned on the remote shores of Bohemia. When divine intervention plants the seeds of forgiveness and rebirth, the possibility of faith is reawakened.

Measure for Measure is one of Shakespeare’s darker comedies thought to have been written at the height of his career just before a string of classic tragedies which include Othello, King Lear and Macbeth. The story begins with the Duke of Vienna, in our production a Duchess (Lucy Peacock), who decides to cede power to her deputy Angelo (Tom McCamus) in an effort to restore order and law to a society thought to be overrun with depravity and sexual licence. As one of his first ordinations, Angelo sentences a young man Claudio (Charlie Gallant) to death for fornication outside of marriage. Isabella (Michelle Giroux), Claudio’s sister and a nun in training, goes to Angelo to plead for her brother’s life. In response to Isabella’s plea for mercy Angelo offers her an impossible bargain; Claudio’s freedom in exchange for Isabella’s chastity. What follows is a struggle for justice and vindication in the face of extraordinary abuses of power and authority which seem torn from the headlines of our present day newscasts.



Brent Carver
Mark Crawford
Charlie Gallant
Patrick Galligan
Michelle Giroux
Roy Lewis
Callum McAllister
Tom McCamus
Lucy Peacock
Sarena Parmar
Karen Robinson
Steven Sutcliffe


Season Sponsor
BMO Financial

Graham Abbey

Associate Director
Brad Hodder

Live, original music by
George Meanwell

Set and Lighting Design
Steve Lucas

Costume Design
Jenna McCutchen

Stage Manager
Brian Scott

Apprentice Stage Manager
Gregory McLaughlin

Production Manager
A.J Morra

Anna Kajtar

Executive Producer
Robert Richardson, Marquis Entertainment

Touchwood PR

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Globe and Mail article about the new productions




1. A person who stood in the pit of an Elizabethan theatre

2. One that lives or works on or near the ground


The Will of the People: Shakespeare Re-invented

Founded in 2011 by acclaimed stage, TV and film actor Graham Abbey, Groundling Theatre Co. is a new Toronto based theatre company committed to producing imaginative, original and accessible productions of Shakespeare’s plays as well as works inspired by Shakespeare, in an effort to educate and inspire a new generation of audiences and artists.

By taking Shakespeare out of its traditional context Groundling Theatre hopes to re-examine and re-interpret the canon, allowing audiences old and new alike to relate the timeless themes contained in Shakespeare’s plays to their own world and the issues relevant to a contemporary Canadian context.

Groundling celebrated its company launch on Sunday, November 27th, 2011 at the Ignatieff Theatre, followed by a cocktail reception at Massey College, University of Toronto. See more details.





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