Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar had a sold-out, critically-acclaimed run at Crow’s Theatre in January-February 2020. The production was nominated for seven Dora awards, and won for Lorenzo Savoini’s spectacular lighting design. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about what’s next for Groundling Theatre Company. To be a part of Groundling’s future, consider donating today!

Above: Dion Johnstone as Brutus, Jim Mezon as Julius Caesar, Sarah Afful as Octavius Caesar and Graham Abbey as Marc Antony in Julius Caesar. Photos by Dahlia Katz.



1. A person who stood in the pit of an Elizabethan theatre
2. One that lives or works on or near the ground

The Will of the People: Shakespeare Re-invented

Founded in 2011 by Graham Abbey, Groundling Theatre is a Toronto based theatre company committed to producing imaginative, original and accessible productions of Shakespeare’s plays as well as works inspired by Shakespeare, in an effort to educate and inspire a new generation of audiences and artists.

By taking Shakespeare out of its traditional context Groundling Theatre hopes to re-examine and re-interpret the canon, allowing audiences old and new alike to relate the timeless themes contained in Shakespeare’s plays to their own world and the issues relevant to a contemporary Canadian context.

“The best Shakespeare I’ve seen in Toronto.”